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Bacca is a fictional Wookiee nationalist and warrior developed by BioWare for the role-playing game Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic. Bacca discovered a wrecked starship and the existence of life beyond his planet of Kashyyyk. He recognized the threat posed by foreign peoples and forged a sword from the starship wreckage. Although Bacca himself isn't explicitly stated to have been a chieftain of Rwookrrorro, Bacca's sword ended up being passed one one chieftain of Rwookrrorro to the next and a symbol of their independence.

The player has the option of recovering the blade of Bacca's sword for Freyyr so that Freyyr can better challenge the usurper Chuundar.

Commentaries about Bacca[edit]


There is a legend of a great warrior from the old times. Bacca was his name, and he is greatly revered.

Bacca found a crashed starship, our first hint of life elsewhere. He was a cautious old wook, and feared the taint of invaders.

He constructed a vibroblade from the wreckage. It has long symbolized our independence. Only destined leaders have held it.

— Freyyr, in Star Wars: The Old Republic

It [Bacca's sword] was the symbol of our great chieftains for centuries, but it was damaged a generation ago in ritual battle.

Here in the Shadowlands Rothrrrawr fought the Great Beast. He sought a challenge, but this arrogance got him more than he could handle.

He survived, but the blade of the sword stayed in the creature's hide. Our tales say it was taken because we had become undeserving.

— Freyyr, in Star Wars: The Old Republic

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