Boer gencoide

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The Boer genocide is the ongoing marginalization and elimination of the Boer people from South Africa. Boer farmers are brutally tortured and murdered, and South African politicians, including then President Jacob Zuma, make use of anti-Boer rhetoric and songs.[1] In February 2018, the the South African parliament voted to begin a process to have the constitution revised in order to in order to permit the government confiscate land from white people without compensation.[2]

In April 2017, Johann Theron and Jonathan Peter Wilkinson covered the topic of Boer genocide at Theron described how South Africa, the media, and international organizations failed to adequately respond to the situation and how the situation can be labeled as politically motivated terror,[3] while Wilkinson noted the dysfunction of South Africa's African National Congress government and how such dysfunctions fits within patterns generally observed in Leftist governments.[4] In March 2018, David G. Peter of Return of Kings expressed views akin to Wilkinson's with regards to South Africa's dysfunction and the patterns of the Left.[5]


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