Cyrus the Redguard

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Cyrus is a fictional Redguard nationalist and freedom-fighter developed by Bethesda Game Studios for the role-playing game The Elder Scrolls Adventures: Redguard. In Redguard, players take up the role of Cyrus as he saves his sister Iszara from Daedric Prince Clavicus Vile, recovers the sealed soul of Crown Prince A'tor of Hammerfell from Imperial-employed dragon Nafaalilargus, and defeats Imperial Governor Amiel Richton. Thanks to Cyrus' and A'tor's victory over Richton, he and the Redguards were able to negotiate a peace favorable to the Redguards with Emperor Tiber Septim.



Is this how you will honor your Prince then? Cautious I've thought you, Basil, but never before a coward.

We all have waited for the Prince's return. Now that he has returned, you walk away.

The form is different, true, but his spirit is here. Here. And isn't his spirit the truest part of him? Did it occur that maybe he chose this shape and symbol as the sign of his intentions?

Aye, perhaps that soul, in hated delay, snared helpless in a jewel while his men hid and shirked their duties, his duty, perhaps that soul honed itself to this and by no mistake comes to you now, in no more fine and final form as this, a sword. You say you cannot follow a sword? Well, I say that you have strayed from your own too long! Why are you here but to FIGHT? Your Prince has shown you the manner of his purest mettle, AYE! In metal itself! And this true unerring razor's message is clear beyond words, for now's not the time for words, but for brave hands, bright swords, and blood. Aye, boys, it's about blood now! Too long frozen in your veins! And you'd rather yourself be rigid than follow me. Well, if you won't, then shamefully know that your Prince will! For his blood be solid, too, but straightened to steel and tempered in death! Rise alike as he! As swords! As we are Crowns alike as he!

The Prince is dead! Long live the Prince!

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