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In the fictional universe of Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic developed by BioWare, the character Darth Revan possessed robes produced by the Star Forge. The robes channel the wearer's dark side energy; thus increasing the wearer's power.

Revan wore the robes prior to activating the Rakatan Star Map on Dantooine, suggesting that Revan discovered the robes before discovering the Star Forge, and if the sinister cave mentioned by Vrook[1] and Dantooine's Rakatan ruins are one and the same, then that would mean that Revan discovered the robes long before the Mandalorian threat appeared.[1]

Revan wore the robes when the Jedi confronted and captured him. The Jedi viewed the robes as an aberration, so they confiscated and destroyed the capture.

If the player has a strong dark side affinity, then the player may use the Star Forge to produce a copy of the robes.

In-game description[edit]

Created by the mystical technology of the Star Forge, these robes focus the dark side energies of the wearer, fueling their power. The Sith Lord Darth Revan was wearing similar robes when captured by the Jedi, who viewed the garments as an abomination and destroyed them. However the Jedi Council, not being familiar with the origins of the robes, were unaware that the Star Forge would be capable of producing an item of such terrible power a second time.

— In-game item description, Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic


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