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Delilah (Hebrew: דלילה) was a Philistine women from the Valley of Sorek who the Jewish judge and hero Samson became infatuated with. Samson's Philistine enemies offered her silver in exchange for uncovering the secret of Samson's strength and how to bind him.

Delilah asked Samson to tell her his secret several times. Initially, Samson delivered false answers, but she continued nagging and pleading with him. Finally, Samson told her the truth: As a Nazirite to God, he was forbidden from having his hair cut, and if his hair were cut, then his strength would leave him.

Delilah then betrayed Samson to the Philistines. The Philistines paid her as promised and then shaved Samson's head while he was sleeping on Delilah's knees. Samson lost his strength and became vulnerable. The Philistines gouged out his eyes and took him prisoner to Gaza.

The Philistines forced Samson to do labor for them, yet Samson's hair began grow back. During a celebration to the Philistine idol Dagon, the Philistines decided to bring Samson to their temple as amusement. Samson prayed to God and asked for strength. Samson then grabbed the pillars supporting the temple and yanked them down, causing the temple to collapse upon everyone in the building. Samson sacrificed himself yet killed many of his enemies. His family was able to recover Samson's body and bury him in his father's tomb.[1]

Delilah's fate after betraying Samson is not stated in the Bible.


In 2014, Return of Kings contributor Oscar Zach wrote an article warning men about manipulative women such as Delilah and advising men not to reveal their secrets, weaknesses, or anything else that could be used against them.[2]


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