Edna (Sarah's mother)

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Edna was a wife of Raguel and the mother of Sarah.


She, along with Raguel and Sarah, wept for Raguel's relative Tobit, who was afflicted with blindness, after meeting Tobit's son Tobiah. When Raguel permitted Tobiah to marry Sarah, Raguel had Edna bring him writing materials, which he used to write the contact for the marriage.

Raguel asked Edna to prepare a room for Tobiah and Sarah and to bring Sarah there. Edna did this and wept for Sarah. She then told Sarah to be brave and asked God to give Sarah joy: Take courage, my daughter! May the Lord of heaven grant you joy in place of your grief! Courage, my daughter! (Tobit 7:17 (NABRE)).

Following the instructions of the angel Raphael, Tobiah drove the demon that killing Sarah's husband away and prayed together with Sarah.

Meanwhile, Raguel and his servants dug a grave for Tobiah in case he died like the other husbands before him. Once the grave was completely dug, Raguel asked Edna to have one of their maids check to see whether Tobiah was still alive. The maid found Tobiah still living and reported her findings. They then prayed to God, giving God their thanks and asking God to make the couple's lives happy. Raguel then told his servants to fill the grave.

Raguel and Edna then prepared a feast for the new couple. Edna baked bread, while Raguel slaughters two steers and four rams. The feast lasted fourteen days. Raguel gave half of his possessions to Tobiah as dowry and promised Tobiah the remainder once Raguel and Edna die. Raguel then committed himself and his wife to Tobiah as father- and mother-in-laws.

While Raguel and Edna were seeing the new couple off, Edna asked God to bring them back safely and to allow her to live long enough to see grandchildren. She also told Tobiah that she was entrusting him with her daughter, and she asked God to allow to the couple to prosper.

Edna also said to Tobiah: My child and beloved kinsman, may the Lord bring you back safely, and may I live long enough to see children of you and of my daughter Sarah before I die. Before the Lord, I entrust my daughter to your care. Never cause her grief all the days of your life. Go in peace, son. From now on I am your mother, and Sarah is your sister. Together may we all prosper throughout the days of our lives. She kissed them both and saw them safely off.

— Tobit 10:12 (NABRE)