Heroine of Thebez

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The heroine of Thebez was a defender of a tower in Thebez besieged by the wicked and ruthless Abimelech.

Abimelech sought to make himself king of the Israelites. He murdered his half-brothers, leaving only Jotham, who hid, alive, and he made war on the Israelites who opposed him. Abimelech attacked and destroyed Shechem, and when the leaders of the city fled to its tower, Abimelech had it burned down with the leaders still inside.

Abimelech sought to do the same to Thebez. The people of the city fled to the city's tower, and Abimelech sought to burn the tower down with the people still in it. As Abimelech approached, the heroine threw a millstone, and that millstone crushed Abimelech's skull.

Abimelech remained alive yet knew that he had not long to live. Not wishing to be remembered and mocked as a person slain by a woman, Abimelech asked his armor-bearer to kill him, and the armor-bearer complied. Nevertheless, the story of the heroine's deed became known and was and continues to be passed down from generation to generation through the Book of Judges.