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Infogalactic is an online encyclopedia that aims to avoid possessing the bias and bureaucracy of Wikipedia. It was founded in late January 2016[note 1] and announced to the public on October 10, 2016.[1] It is a fork of Wikipedia, meaning that it is built on a copy of Wikipedia but diverges from it through further editing and development.

Science fiction author Vox Day is Infogalactic's lead designer.[2] He promoted the project, thanked the users involved in the project,[3] and defended the project.[4]


Infogalactic is founded on the "Seven Canons". The Seven Canons are as follows:[5]

  1. Infogalactic does not define reality.
  2. Infogalactic is written from an objective point of view.
  3. Infogalactic is free content.
  4. No griefing.
  5. Play nice and play fair.
  6. Rules are guidelines for users, not chew toys for lawyers.
  7. Facts are facts.


  1. The "" domain was registered on January 27, 2016, and the first revision on the wiki is dated to February 4, 2016.


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