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Iszara is a fictional Redguard nationalist and freedom-fighter developed by Bethesda Game Studios for the role-playing game The Elder Scrolls Adventures: Redguard. She is Hakan's widow, Cyrus the Redguard's sister, and a member of the Restless League, a Redguard nationalist group.

After months of waiting for Basil and the rest of the Restless League, Iszara resolved to have the soul of Crown Prince A'tor of Hammerfell restored to his body from the soul gem it was sealed in. She attempted to have Sload necromancer N'Gasta restore A'tor in exchange for her own soul, but N'Gasta instead gave A'tor's soul to Imperial Governor Amiel Richton and Iszara's soul to Daedric Prince Clavicus Vile.

The player, assuming the role of Iszara's brother Cyrus, slays N'Gasta and rescues Iszara from Clavicus Vile. The player (Cyrus) then recovers A'tor's soul from Imperial-employed dragon Nafaalilargus. The soul then imbued itself into A'tor sword instead of A'tor body, causing the Redguard nationalists in attendance to become disheartened. However, Cyrus recognized the reason A'tor went into the sword into of his old body and rallied the Restless League into action against the Imperials.

Together, Cyrus, A'tor, Iszara, and the Restless League defeated Richton and the Empire and were able to negotiate a peace favorable to the Redguards with Emperor Tiber Septim.



First Seed 26. CE 864

This will be my last entry, as I'm taking leave of this maddening torpor: the time to act is at hand! Basil and the rest of his lazy wolves are content to mourn our Prince and hide in shadows, even while we have the very thing the Governor fears most!

For months my love has lain in amber while the Empire firms its hold. Hammerfell will be lost forever if Prince A'tor is not restored.

I am decided: if the League can't shake its slumber, then I will steal the soulgemas they sleep! By morning I'll be in Stros M'Kai where there are others who might give me the help I need.

— Iszara, in Iszara's Journal, The Elder Scrolls Adventures: Redguard

Baron Volag came out of hiding to retake Sentinel after he heard of our own uprising. Both he and the Emperor are coming here to work out the treaties.

— Iszara, in The Elder Scrolls Adventures: Redguard

We've had two bloody wars in as many years, Cyrus. An accord must be struck with the Empire, but at least now we will be respected allies, if all goes well, instead of exploited subjects. A'Tor guides me in this.

— Iszara, in The Elder Scrolls Adventures: Redguard

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