Jimbo Wales

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Wikipedia need not tolerate nasty behavior, ever. "American standards of political correctness" is a silly thing to say in this context. Wikipedia is an encyclopedia, worldwide. The values of Wikipedia are universal.

— Jimbo Wales, "User_talk:Jimbo_Wales". Wikipedia

Jimbo Wales is an universalist and globalist who has become famous for the globalization[note 1] and narrowing[note 2] of knowledge in the form of Wikipedia.


  1. A single English Wikipedia for the various English-speaking nations (American, British, Canadian, Australian, etc.); forcing a diverse collection of peoples to share one wiki. The level of diversity means that conflict is not only inevitable but a regular and ongoing occurrence, and purges (i.e. bans) occur regularly to retain any semblance to social cohesion
  2. The removal of particularisms; forcing topics to abide by a single, allegedly neutral yet often liberal, point of view