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Since 👑 we disdain democracy and seek to emulate feudalism, we, Idris, or one of our Marshals, shall appoint our Captains instead of organizing elections.

A person may nominate themselves for Captaincy, or they may have a sponsor nominate them on their behalf, by starting a new topic on Project_talk:Candidates_for_Captaincy. Subjects may voice their support or opposition on the page. Ideally, any aspirant Captain must first prove their excellence and worth to us or our Marshals, meet our high standards, and earn our confidence before we appoint them to the Captaincy.

Since we don't host elections, all discussions on "Project_talk:Nominations_for_Captaincy" are consultative, not decisive, in nature. Since the page uses Flow-style threaded discussions, the topics on the page won't play host to large numbered lists of supporters or opponents. Instead, each partisan shall plainly state their case in their own individual posts.

We, or our Marshals, may unilaterally appoint Captains without consultation, although we expect such instances to decrease as our wiki's userbase increases.

(forever indebted to the Magnificent and Merciful God ())
King of Monarchists.Wiki, Proprietor of the Domains, Cultivator of Talent, Culture, and Excellence, and Defender of Faith and Civilization
Initially published on September 12, 2019

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