Morrun Dokaas

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Morrun Dokaas is a fictional Sith and Revanite developed by BioWare for the MMORPG Star Wars: The Old Republic. Tari Darkspanner recognized the strength Morrun Dokaas had with the Force, so she trained him as her apprentice, even though training a Chagrian as such Morrun was against the norms of the Sith Empire.



For decades, I have served the Master. He found me when I was a larva and saw that I was strong in the Force.

Against the Empire's traditions, he trained me. This is the way of Revan – to teach all species the path to power.

— Morrun Dokaas, in Star Wars: The Old Republic

Why do you think Revan trained aliens in the ways of the Sith? Why did Revan offer power to all seekers?


[It gave him an edge.] Revan knew that servants are more useful when they're powerful.

[It was just.] He believed everyone should have the chance to aspire to power.


You answer well. You answer wisely. You speak like a true Revanite.

Your answer is not my answer. But it is… sufficient. It is worthy of a Revanite.

— Morrun Dokaas and the player, in Star Wars: The Old Republic

Never forget that Revan was Sith. And there is no kindness among the Sith.

— Morrun Dokaas, in Star Wars: The Old Republic

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