Musings:Americans Mustn't Give Up Just Yet

From Monarchists.Wiki

👑 We don't believe that the American Right should give up just yet. We believe that the ever vindictive Left have erred in impeaching Trump: By impeaching Trump, the Left has ensured that Trump and the Stolen Election remain within the public conscience for several more weeks, and the Left is essentially forcing Trump to go out with a bang soon to be heard across the world instead of merely allowing him to fade away.

We believe that the American Right should remain steadfast and exercise the opportunity the impeachment trial presents to ensure that illegitimacy of the Left's "victory" doesn't leave public conscience any time soon. We also believe that Trump should use trial to broadcast the grievances of the January 6th crowd and evidence of election fraud and to flip the tables on the Left by reminding them of the actual provocateurs involved in the event: namely, Insurgence USA's John Earle Sullivan.

Moreover, we believe that Americans should pray for justice and the end to farcical liberal democracy.

(forever indebted to the Magnificent and Merciful God ())
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Initially published on January 26, 2021
Last updated on February 5, 2021