Musings:COVID-19 and the Civilization-Destroying Fear of Death

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👑 We've been wishing to write about the West's response to the COVID-19 pandemic for some time now. We're frustrated that the populace of civilizations that believe, or once believed, in the promise of resurrection and paradise are so easily swayed by the fear of death. We're frustrated that people are begging governments and pharmacists for deliverance instead of praying to God. We're frustrated that governments are banning public religious congregations while opening schools early. We see the West's response to the pandemic is a sign of how Godless the West has become.

We've delayed in publishing our thoughts in cyberspace until now, since it's our wont to write with some level of retrospect. After all, pandemics are temporary scenarios, and as long as public fear-mongering to these temporary scenarios don't result in permanent, civilization-altering repercussions, we (as an individual) can easily forgive or forget the fear-mongering. Indeed, if the American Right had initiated a popular rebellion or a Rubicon-crossing mutiny, then perhaps we would've come to view the pandemic as merely small bump in a much longer road and forgive or forget the fear-mongering.

Alas, the American populace had remained relatively restive in spite of election fraud and a vindictive impeachment trial, and the undeterred Left can now freely craft permanent "solutions" to the temporary COVID-19 problem. Thus, we're now passed the point where we're patiently pondering whether the fear-mongering can be forgiven or forgotten; we're now at the point where can firmly condemn the fear-mongering as unforgivable and destructive.

Americans have allowed fear of death to grant the Left the opportunity to usurp the Presidency from Trump. They have allowed fear to death to destroy business and leave the surviving one more dependent on government hand-out than they were before. They allowed fear to allow the secular state to become their caretaker. Was the Godless fear-mongering worthwhile? Nay, and we believe that that'll be more clear a year or two from now, when the Left leaves the changes made in response to the pandemic in place and then demands even more power for the supposed purpose of repairing the economy.

(forever indebted to the Magnificent and Merciful God ())
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Initially published on February 21, 2021