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👑 We publicly publish our plans for the future with some reluctance. We generally prefer not set a plan in writing in order to avoid raising expectations of our contributors and audience and to have flexibility instead of deadlines. Nevertheless, we find it prudent to publish our plan for this wiki's future early in this wiki's life, since we wish to avoid accusation of "changing course", "radicalizing", "becoming more political", or "monetizing". We want our audience and contributors to know what to expect so that they aren't taken by surprise and shaken by future changes.

First and foremost, we are currently bound to our obligations to our host Miraheze and are thus restricted by Miraheze's Terms of Use and Content Policy. We don't desire or intend to be bound to such obligations and restriction forever. Indeed, we are merely using Miraheze as a free incubator during Monarchists.Wiki's nascent years.

In the future, we intend to fund Monarchists.Wiki's contributors and hosting through a system akin to Patreon. We are not asking for patronage at this time since we don't believe that Monarchists.Wiki is yet ready to ask for contributions from its audience. In our current nascent state, we can't in good conscience ask our audience to invest a product that has yet to show its worth. Since we have access to free hosts such as Miraheze, we don't need to ask for an advance investment from our prospective audience. Why ask our prospective audience to invest blindly in a product that has yet to prove itself when Miraheze affords us with an opportunity to build and prove ourselves first and ask for investments afterward? Indeed, we find prudence in using Miraheze as an incubator.

Once we've switched from free Miraheze hosting to paid hosting, we plan on hosting more provocative content and musings, since we would no longer be bound to Miraheze's Content Policy. We don't intent for Monarchists.Wiki to be a "moderate" or "middle-of-the-road" wiki. We intend to fully embrace the Right, reject the follies of liberalism, and restore culture.

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Initially published on November 28, 2018
Last updated on December 11, 2018