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In October 2016, Brett Stevens proposed a symbol for the Alt-Right. As explained by Mr. Stevens:

This symbol is not intended to compete with others or replace them, but to be used alongside any other symbols. It is made of two infinity symbols (∞) and is designed to reflect the traditional belief in continuity, order and balance in all directions, both physical and metaphysical.

👑 We have heard this proposal and found it good. Thus, we have adopted the symbol as a symbol of the Monarchists.Wiki community. Indeed, continuity is fundamental in our belief in a hereditary monarchy and aristocracy and in tradition.

We also believe that the simplicity and elegance of the symbol will make it timeless. Indeed, the longest lasting symbols are often the simplest. The Star of David (✡️), the Seal of Solomon, the menorah (🕎), the cross (✝️, ☦️), the ichthys, and the star and crescent (☪️) are all symbols that have withstood the test of time. Their simplicity makes them easy to promulgate, and their elegance, and oftentimes symmetry, enabled them to readily embed themselves into our conscience.

It is our belief that symbols ought to be simple enough for a child to draw. We don't believe it to be a mere coincidence that the detested swastika is still around and popular among lost and disaffected youths despite the best efforts of Leftist governments. If the Nazis had adopted something as complex and difficult to grasp as the UK Independence Party logo, then perhaps Nazi iconography wouldn't had survived into the present. Indeed, we find it unlikely that the UKIP logo would outlive the party that utilizes it.

Whereas uses a red Alt-Right symbol, we use a magenta one. Magenta is a color named after the 1859 Battle of Magenta, where the forces of Emperor Napoleon III of the French and King Victor Emmanuel II of Sardinia, led by Patrice de MacMahon, triumphed over the Hapsburg Empire; thus making it a victory for romanticism and nationalism and a defeat for a multi-national empire. As far as we're aware, magenta is the only color named after a victory.

For his role in the victory, Napoleon III made Patrice de MacMahon a Marshal of France and the Duke of Magenta. In 1871, Magenta put down the socialist Paris Commune, which had defied the conservative victory in the recent national election and usurped control of the capital. In 1873, the French elected Magenta, a monarchist, to be their President, and Magenta did his best to contain Leftism and foster conservatism. Although we wish that Magenta had restore a French monarchy, even in contravention of his role as President, we find Magenta to be admirable.

For these reasons, magenta is our color. Specifically, a reddish magenta is our color. By virtue of being this reddish magenta's split commentaries, we have also adopted cyan and green as our colors,[1] and we have incorporated these colors into Monarchists.Wiki's main page.

(forever indebted to the Magnificent and Merciful God ())
King of Monarchists.Wiki, Proprietor of the Domains, Cultivator of Talent, Culture, and Excellence, and Defender of Faith and Civilization
Initially published on November 26, 2018


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