Susanna (Joakim's wife)

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Susanna (Hebrew: שׁוֹשַׁנָּה [Shoshana]) was a wife Joakim. She was a daughter of Hilkiah. Her righteous parents trained her in accordance with the laws of Moses, and Susanna was faithful to God.


Trapped and threatened by two lustful men[edit]

Two elders, who were also judges, desired and lusted for her. The two eventually conspired together to rape Susanna.

One day, Susanna was taking a bathe and sent her maids off to bring oil and soup to her. When the maids left, the two elders attempted to extort sex from Susanna.

As soon as the maids had left, the two old men got up and ran to her. Look, they said, the garden doors are shut, no one can see us, and we want you. So give in to our desire, and lie with us. If you refuse, we will testify against you that a young man was here with you and that is why you sent your maids away.

— Susanna 1:19–1:21 (Daniel 13:19–13:21) (NABRE)

Susanna refused to commit adultery.

I am completely trapped, Susanna groaned. If I yield, it will be my death; if I refuse, I cannot escape your power. Yet it is better for me not to do it and to fall into your power than to sin before the Lord.

— Susanna 1:22–1:23 (Daniel 13:22–13:23) (NABRE)

Susanna screams, and the two elders shouted at her. People went to see what happened, and the two men falsely accused Susanna of adultery.

The trial[edit]

The two elders sought to have Susanna tried and executed on false pretenses. Although Susanna came to the trial veiled, the two elders ordered the veil to be removed in order to "to sate themselves with her beauty" (Susanna 1:32 (Daniel 13:32) (NABRE)).

Susanna, even faithful, looked to God. The two men, due to their status as judges, deceived the audience into believing their false testimony against her, and the two sentenced her to death. Susanna prayed to God, saying that God knows all and that the testimony against her is false.

Eternal God, you know what is hidden and are aware of all things before they come to be: you know that they have testified falsely against me. Here I am about to die, though I have done none of the things for which these men have condemned me.

— Susanna 1:42–1:43 (Daniel 13:42–13:43) (NABRE)

God heard Susanna's prayers and had the prophet Daniel save her. Daniel scolded the Israelites for condemning Susanna without a proper investigation or evidence.

Daniel then interrogated the two men separately. The first man he interrogated claimed that Susanna and the invented man committed adultery under a mastic tree. The prophet Daniel knew this to be false and told the man that an angel would split the man in two for his sins. The second man Daniel interrogated claimed that Susanna and the invented man committed adultery under an oak. Daniel knew this is be false as well and told the man that angel would behead him.

The people praised God for saving the faithful. They now recognized the truth and sentenced the two elders to death. Hilkiah, Susanna's mother, Joakim, and all of Susanna's relatives praised God for Susanna and the finding of her innocence.