Tamar (David's daughter)

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Tamar (Hebrew: תָּמָר) was the daughter of King David of Israel and Maacah.



Tamar's half-brother Amnon lusted for Tamar. Amnon told his cunning friend and cousin Jonadab for his incestuous perversions, and Jonadab instructed Amnon on how to trap and rape Tamar. Amnon was to feign sickness and trick his father into sending Tamar alone to him by claiming that he seeks to see her prepare and cook his food in front of his eyes.

Amnon did as Jonadab instruct and had David send Tamar to him. She baked cakes, and Amnon ordered everyone out of the room. He called Tamar to bring him his meal. Amnon then took hold of Tamar and demanded sex from her. She refused, but Amnon overpowered her and raped her.

When she brought them to him to eat, he took hold of her and said, Come, lie with me, my sister. She replied, No, my brother! Do not violate me, for such a thing is not done in Israel; do not do this disgraceful thing! As for me, how could I get rid of my shame and disgrace? And you, you will be considered one of the fools in Israel. So now, just speak to the king [about taking me as your wife], for he will not withhold me from you. But he would not listen to her; and since he was stronger than she, he violated her and lay with her.

— 2 Samuel 13:11–1314 (AMP)

Amnon then turned hateful and humiliated Tamar by throwing her out of his room disgraced.

Then Amnon became extremely hateful toward her, for his hatred toward her was greater than the love which he had for her. And Amnon said to her, Get up and get out! But she said, No, because this wrong of sending me away is worse than the other that you have done to me! But he would not listen to her. Instead, he called his young man who was his personal servant and said, Now throw this woman out of my presence and bolt the door behind her. […] Then Amnon’s personal servant took her out and bolted the door behind her.

— 2 Samuel 13:15–13:18 (AMP)

Tamar then made her grief known and cried for help. Her full brother Absalom comforted her and kept her safe in his house.


David learned about what happened and became upset, yet he failed to do her daughter justice. Two years later, Absalom decided to avenge his sister himself. He set up a party and invited all of his brothers to it. Absalom had Amnon become drunk, and then he ordered his men to kill Amnon; thus avenging Tamar.

Absalom then fled to the domain of his maternal grandfather, King Talmai of Geshur.