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2nd opinion requested
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The purpose of this tag is to give a visual hint to readers of talk page items, that an additional opinion is requested. Once an opinion is offered, the tag can be removed, unless it is felt that another opinion is strongly required.


Place the following at the beginning of a comment:

2nd opinion requested: (optional comment)

To make an additional comment explaining why the issue requires an additional opinion, and/or to sign so that others know who marked the thread as stuck:

{{2O|1=The parties are still edit-warring, any other ideas? --~~~~}}
2nd opinion requested: The parties are still edit-warring, any other ideas? --JohnDoe 00:26, 14 July 2005 (UTC)

(The parameter name, |1= or |reason=, is necessary if there are any "=" characters in the message, for example if your raw signature contains "=".)

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