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This template provides the string "a.k.a." (or alternatively "AKA") marked up as an abbreviation, with a mouse-over tooltip explaining that it means "also known as". It is intended for first use of "a.k.a." or "AKA" in an article, and need not be used in subsequent cases on the same page.


     ...funded by ARPA {{aka}} DARPA. gives:
     ...funded by ARPA a.k.a. DARPA.


  • |uc=y (for "uppercase") or |AKA=y – Will change the "a.k.a." output to read "AKA". This should not be used in contexts which contain a lot of acronyms. However, it is useful in contexts that already have a lot of periods (full points).

There is no parameter to output the substandard "aka".

There is no parameter to output "A.K.A.", an obsolete style of treating all-uppercase acronyms and initialisms, which is recommended against by the WP:Manual of Style.