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Friendly Banter – Don't Block!

This template may be used (on Talk pages and in Project space) to tag friendly banter which might otherwise be misinterpreted, by persons humor-impaired (whether temporarily – e.g. due to intoxication – or congenitally), as incivility or personal attack. It thus helps prevent unnecessary block-drama.

It was created after an editor got blocked for adding the image and comment seen at the bottom of this ANI thread.

Optional parameter[edit]

The template takes the optional |reason= parameter; if it has text, it will be appended after the "Friendly Banter – Don't Block!" in the pop-up tooltip. This content must be plain text (no links, HTML, or other markup).


  • {{FBDB}}[FBDB]
  • {{FBDB|reason=Tooltip addition}}[FBDB]

When not to use this template[edit]

It is possible, but not recommended, to use this template while recklessly and obviously insulting other editors. When confronted by the fact that using this template while doing so actually makes things worse, editors should normally reply with a condescending and completely disingenuous link to WP:AGF. Editors who do not follow this second step may normally be assumed to be using the template for its intended purpose.

Users should note that previous attempts to incorporate the template as an exception to Wikipedia's blocking policy have thus far failed to achieve consensus, and using it in this way will likely have one or more of the following effects:

  1. Hastening the inevitable block
  2. Extending its length up to and including indefinite
  3. Gratuitous links to WP:NOTHERE
  4. The immediate nomination of this template to WP:TFD

How to respond to this template[edit]

Responding to this template by blocking the editor who used it is generally not recommended. Doing so may make a lot of people very angry and be widely regarded as a bad move.

It may however be perfectly appropriate to collapse the offending comment as off topic, and the editor in question, undoubtedly using the template in good humor, will normally not object. They may, in fact, receive some gratification from knowing that the collapse template will likely have the opposite of the intended effect, and thus help to improve the project by spreading good will and light-hearted humor to even more morose Wikipedians than it otherwise would.

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