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A template used by {{IPAc-it}} to display IPA generating for each phoneme a mouseover with an example of the pronunciation and a link to Help:IPA for Italian.

Code Output
Text Popup
a, á, à a roughly 'a' in 'father'
b b 'b' in 'bike'
bb bb /bb/ two 'b' of 'buy'
C, ci t͡ʃ /tʃ/ 'ch' in 'chilli'
cci tt͡ʃ /ttʃ/ roughly 'ch' in 'chap'
d d roughly 'd' in 'done'
dd dd /dd/ two roughly 'd' of 'dynamite'
e, é e 'e' in 'hey'
è, E ɛ /ɛ/ 'e' in 'bed'
f f 'f' in 'fast'
ff ff /ff/ two 'f' of 'family'
gi, J d͡ʒ /dʒ/ 'J' in 'Japan'
ggi dd͡ʒ /ddʒ/ roughly 'J' in 'Jimmy'
gl ʎ /ʎ/ roughly 'lli' in 'billion'
gn ɲ /ɲ/ roughly 'ny' in 'canyon'
í, ì, I i 'i' in 'ski'
j j /j/ 'y' in 'yes'
l l 'l' in 'lip'
ll ll /ll/ two 'l' of 'like'
m m 'm' in 'mother'
mm mm /mm/ two 'm' of 'million'
n n 'n' in 'nest'
nn nn /nn/ two 'n' of 'next'
o, ó o 'o' in 'tow'
ò, O ɔ /ɔ/ 'o' in 'off' (Received Pronunciation)
p p /p/ 'pp' in 'unsupported'
pp pp /pp/ two 'p' of 'input'
q k /k/ 'c' in 'car'
r r /r/ trilled 'r'
rr rr /rr/ double trilled 'r'
sc, sci ʃ /ʃ/ 'sh' in 'shoe'
t t 't' in 'star'
tt tt /tt/ two 't' of 'tick'
ú, ù u roughly 'u' in 'rule'
v v 'v' in 'vent'
z t͡s 'ts' in 'cats'
zz tt͡s /tts/ roughly 'ts' in 'pets'
Z d͡z /dz/ 'ds' in 'dads'
ZZ dd͡z /ddz/ roughly 'ds' in 'beds'
', ˈ ˈ /ˈ/ primary stress follows
,, ˌ ˌ /ˌ/ secondary stress follows
:, ː ː /ː/ long sound precedes
. . /./ syllable break
- - /-/ affix
_   N/A
( (
) )

Outputs that change according to inputs[edit]

Depending on the next input, the output from the previous input may change. These are the changes:

Code Next input Output Default output
Text Popup Text
c e, é, è, E, i, í, ì, I, j t͡ʃ /tʃ/ 'ch' in 'check' /k/ 'c' in 'epic' k
cc tt͡ʃ /ttʃ/ roughly 'Ch' in 'China' /kk/ two 'k' of 'Mike' kk
ch k /k/ 'c' in 'scar' /tʃ/ 'tch' in 'patch' t͡ʃ
g d͡ʒ /dʒ/ 'j' in 'job' 'g' in 'bag' ɡ
gg dd͡ʒ /ddʒ/ roughly 'J' in 'John' /ɡɡ/ two 'g' of 'garden' ɡɡ
i a, á, à, e, é, è, E, o, ó, ò, O, u, ú, ù j /j/ 'y' in 'you' /i/ 'y' in 'happy' i
n c, cc, cci, ch, ci, g, gg, ggi, gi, gl, gn, J ŋ /ŋ/ 'ng' in 'sing' 'n' in 'neck' n
s b, bb, d, dd, g, gg, ggi, gi, gl, gn, J, l, ll, m, mm, n, nn, r, rr, v z 'z' in 'zipper' 's' in 'sick' s
u ua, á, à, e, é, è, E, i, í, ì, I, o, ó, ò, O w 'w' in 'wine' /u/ like 'oo' in 'tool', but short u