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This template is used to identify (in HTML metadata) that the text enclosed within the template is written in a specific national English-language dialect, and to preface it with a link to the article on that variety. It is most commonly used:

  • In glossaries, when presenting two regional variations of a term sharing the same definition (e.g. tire vs. tyre, aluminium vs. aluminum)
  • When giving alternative names for an article's topic, in the lead section
  • When demonstrating differences between dialectal usages in language articles.

This template does not italicize the output, since English dialects are not foreign languages.

It is never used to mark entire articles or sections of articles as being written in a particular variety of English.

Do not use it to indicate a general English example among other-language examples.



Parameters and examples[edit]

Basic usage:

To not link the name again (i.e., because it's already been linked in the same article or same long-article section), use |links=no or |link=no:

  • {{Lang-en-IE|1=Sample text. |link=no}}
  • Irish English: Sample text.
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This documentation sub-template is for transclusion in the "Usage" sections of the main templates of Category:English dialect multilingual support templates.

There is one required parameter, the text to use in the examples.

=== Usage ===
{{Lang-en-XX usage|1=Sample of illustratively colloquial text here.}}

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