Witch of Endor

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The witch of En-dor was a medium who conjured and communicated with spirits.


The prophet Samuel had dead, and the Philistines again made war on Israel. King Saul prayed, but God did not answer. Saul was concerned and sought the counsel. He then sought the aid of a medium, despite the ban he had placed on such activities. His servants then told Samuel of the medium at En-dor.

Saul met with the medium while wearing a disguise and asked her to conjure up a spirit. The medium was cautious and expressed concern that the disguised Saul was trying to entrap her. Saul then swore, with God as his witness, not to harm or punish her and asked for Samuel to be summoned.

The medium acquiesced and summoned Samuel's spirit. Once Samuel's spirit appeared, the medium realized that the disguised man was Saul and thought that Saul did indeed entrap her, but Saul reassured her and asked her to continue and explain what she sees. She describes an aged, robed prophet, and Saul recognized the spirit as Samuel.

Saul bowed and Samuel asked why he was summoned. Saul explained that the Philistines were making war against the Israelites and that he sought Samuel's counsel. Samuel responded by telling Saul that God had abandoned Saul due to Saul's sins and that God was going to take Saul's kingdom away from Saul, as Samuel had previously prophesied. Saul then said that God was going to have the Philistines defeat Saul and Israelites and that Saul and his sons were going to die on the next day.

Saul dropped to the ground in fear. He was also weak from not eating that day.

The medium then attempted to comfort Saul and asked him to eat.

Look, your maidservant has obeyed you, and I have taken my life in my hand and have listened to everything you said to me. So now, please listen to the voice of your maidservant, and let me set a piece of bread before you, and eat, so that you may have strength when you go on your way.

— 1 Samuel 28:21–28:22 (AMP)

Saul initially refused to yield to the medium's advice, but his servants joined the medium in urging Saul to eat, and Saul finally decided to eat. The medium cooked a meal for Saul and his servants, and after the meal, Saul and his servants departed.

On the next day, Saul met the Philistines in battle and perished along with his sons Jonathan, Abinadab, and Malchi-shua, as prophesied.