Woman of Tekoa

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The woman of Tekon was a person Joab asked to help reconcile King David of Israel and David's son Absalom. At Joab's direction, she pretended to be a widow and a mother mourning over her sons. She claimed that one son slew the other and now faced the possibility of her sole remaining son being executed.

Truly I am a widow; my husband is dead. Your maidservant had two sons, but the two of them struggled and fought in the field. There was no one to separate them, so one struck the other and killed him. Now behold, the entire family has risen against your maidservant, and they say, Hand over the one who killed his brother, so that we may put him to death [to pay] for the life of his brother whom he killed and destroy the heir also. By doing this they will extinguish my coal that is left, leaving my husband without a name or a remnant (heir) on the face of the earth.

— 2 Samuel 14:5–14:7 (AMP)

The woman had David promise to protect her son.

The woman then stated that David ought to offer the same to his own son.

Now why have you planned such a thing against God’s people? For in speaking this word the king is like a guilty man, in that the king does not bring back his banished one. For we will certainly die and are like water that is spilled on the ground and cannot be gathered up again. Yet God does not [simply] take away life, but devises plans so that the one who is banished is not driven away from Him. Now I came to speak of this matter to my lord the king because the people have made me afraid. So your maidservant thought, I will just speak to the king; perhaps the king will do what his maidservant requests. For the king will hear and save his maidservant from the hand of the man who would destroy me and my son together from the inheritance of God. Then your maidservant said, Please let the word of my lord the king be comforting, for my lord the king is as the angel of God to discern good and evil. May the Lord your God be with you.

— 2 Samuel 14:13–14:17 (AMP)

David recognized why the woman came to him and asked her if Joab had sent her. The woman acknowledged Joab's role in having her speak to David, and she acknowledged David's wisdom.

As your soul lives, my lord the king, no one can turn to the right or to the left from anything that my lord the king has said. Indeed, it was your servant Joab who commanded me; he put all these words in the mouth of your maidservant. In order to change the appearance of things [between Absalom and you, his father] your servant Joab did this thing. But my lord has wisdom like the wisdom of the angel of God, to know everything that is in the earth.

— 2 Samuel 14:19–14:20 (AMP)

David then recalled Absalom to Jerusalem and sent Joab to retrieve him.