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Zeresh (Hebrew: זֶרֶשׁ) was Haman's wife.


As Haman passed his rival Mordecai at the king's gate, Mordecai refused to bow before him, and Haman became enraged. He told his wife about this, and Zeresh advised him to construct gallows and to have the king hang Mordecai from them.

Have a gallows fifty cubits high made, and in the morning ask the king to have Mordecai hanged on it; then go joyfully to the banquet with the king.

— Esther 5:14 (AMP)

Haman accepted this advice and had the gallows built.

Meanwhile, King Ahasuerus could not sleep and ordered court chronicles be read to him. The king's servants recounted how Mordecai foiled Bigthana's and Teresh's plot against the king. Ahasuerus then asked if he had honored Mordecai for his deeds yet, and the servants told the king that he had not.

Ahasuerus was considered what was to be done to honor Mordecai when Haman walked in. Ahasuerus asked for Haman opinion: What is to be done for the man whom the king desires to honor? (Esther 6:6 (AMP)). Haman mistakenly and narcissistically thought was he was the person who the king sought to honor, so he recommended adorning the person in the king's robe, placing the person on the king's horse, and honoring the person in the city square.

Ahasuerus then ordered Haman to have Mordecai honored as Haman himself prescribed.

Haman did as commanded and then rushed home with his face covered and told his wife and friends about what had happened. They then predicted Haman's downfall.

If Mordecai, before whom you have begun to fall in status, is of Jewish heritage, you will not overcome him, but will certainly fall before him.

— Esther 6:13 (AMP)

The king's men then arrived at Haman's house and escorted Haman to Esther's second banquet.

At the banquet, Ahasuerus again asked about what Esther wanted, and Esther asked the king to spare her and her people from genocide. Ahasuerus then asked Esther to name the person who ordered the destruction of the Jewish people, and Esther told Ahasuerus about Haman.

Haman became terrified, and an furious Ahasuerus stepped out and went into the garden. Haman then pleased with Esther to have his life spared. Ahasuerus returned, saw Haman with Esther, and assumed that Haman was attacking Esther. The king's servants apprehended Haman and informed the king that there were gallows at Haman's house. The king then ordered Haman to be hanged from them. Thus, Haman was executed, and the Jewish people were saved.